Art Journal Page: Growl

There came a point in the making of this page where, had it not been in an actual book, it would have been screwed up and tossed in the bin.

See that orange background? Well it has been created with at least twenty layers of various art materials. It looked fabulous at layer three but then I carried on and thats when it started to look blecchh. So I tried to correct it and every turn I took, every added layer of paint or stencilling, just made it worse. 

I finally grabbed my trusted Acrylic Inks and sponged over a couple of coats of orange and just left it overnight. I came back to it the following morning and still pulled a face when gazed down. But at least it was a gorgeous vibrant colour. I could at least work with that.

And by the time I'd added the border (spritzed copy paper with turquoise spray ink, stamped on top in black with a Seth Apter stamp, then cut out and glued to page) I was finally seeing its potential.

I printed out a digital stamp from my Etsy store, Luka (shameless plug), coloured it in, cut out and attached. I then added the wording using Posca paint pens. I was tempted to add more doodling but left alone. I actually took a step back and thought, nope, I like it as it is. Know when to stop for once in your life Paul haha.

And there you have it. I'm finally happy with a page which began as, in my opinion, a hot mess!

P xx



Art Journal Page: Dream + Time Lapse Video


For the latest Journal52 prompt, Dream, the first thought that hit me was the Edgar Allen Poe quote "Is all that we see or seem but a dream within a dream". And I'd be lying if I didn't also know this line from the 80's German pop band Propaganda with their dynamic single Dr Mabuse.

I wanted to go with a darker theme to dreams, bordering on nightmare haha. So I went with a darker background colour. As you will see in the video, I began by drawing a whole heap of circular doodles which I found on Pinterest.

I printed out Hal Razer, a digital stamp on my new Etsy shop, coloured him in and added him to my page along with the doodles for a hallucinatory image.

The dream word saw me grab my beloved Posca pens. 

And if you want to see how it was all pieced together, click on the below video...


I hope you enjoy. And if there's anything you want me to show in another video or comments on how to improve them, please feel free to leave a comment.

Until next time

Love & Hugs

Paul xx

Not One but Two, Yes Two, Pages for Journal52

This is the first

and this is the second.

Both pages are for Journal 52. If you fancy playing along with the weekly links, you can just begin at the week you join, or if you're a purist, start with prompt one. We're only on week 5, it won't take long to catch up.

And speaking of being purist, I'm learning to embrace the other side. Impurity! Or rather, I'm continuing to embrace imperfection. Drawings are rough, lettering even rougher and colours are not within the lines. 

It's not easy to feel comfortable with these creative "freedoms". However I've been reading a book on the benefits of failure, Failed It!

The lesson which particularly caught my eye and had me mentally reaching for a highlighter was that we take more notice of the stuff we see with mistakes. For example, you'll walk passed a row of bill boards which have been correctly pasted up. You may not even see them or even recall them once you've walked by. But if, in error, one had been pasted upside down, you'll see it, notice it, notice the "failure" and you'll love it for being wrong. And you'll remember it, maybe even point it out to friends. 

So I'm easing up and embracing myself for being a Screw Up!!!! Haha

Won't you join me?

P xx

A New Month & A New Shop Has Joined Etsy

An exciting day! Or at least one which makes my heartbeat fluctuate a little more erratically. Yes, I've opened a shop on Etsy - The House of The Artsiders! You will find a whole collection of weird and wonderful rebels and club kids, in a digital stamp format. All ready to download, colour and add to your projects. They will surreptitiously let loose your inner creative oddball!

I designed these stamps last year, sitting in my garden, when the weather was warm, sketchbook propped open on my lap, pen in hand, doodling away and sipping gallons of freshly brewed tea. And I now realise that was the easiest part.

The rest was a head spinning plan of converting to vectors, coming up with logos, banners, thumbnails, watermarks, names, and so on and so forth. It  all takes, well, if not a labour of love, certainly one of time.

Don't tell anyone who lives with me though, ahem. I actually enjoyed every minute of it.

My hope and fantasy now is that someone out there in the land of Etsy, will chance upon them, love them and find them as fun and as quirky as I do. In the meantime, I am going to enjoy printing them out and using in my own art journals.

And should the weather bless this country later in the year, who knows, I may be out in the garden again, doodling more characters for my journals and the shop.

P xx

Art Journal Page: The Voice in My Head & A Time-Lapse Video

I've something a little different today. I remembered to switch the video camera on as I made the above page. So if you feel so inclined, you can see a time-lapse of how I put this page together. 

I am always tickled when I see a playback of one of my videos. They look as if I confidently have a plan and know where I'm heading with a page. Which couldn't be further from the truth. All I knew for this page was that I wanted a brick background. The rest was made up as I went along.

Anyway, hope you enjoy...

I have to say it was a joy to make this page, with all those bright colours. Such a contrast to the grey world outside my window haha

If I remember to charge the battery on my camera AND to switch it on, I'll  hopefully have another video, the next time I make a page :)

P xx

Art Journal: Bright Doodles

Maybe it's because it's Winter. Maybe it's because it's wet, grey and miserable as I sit and look out of my creative room. Maybe it's because, no matter what, I just love to play with bright colours. It's something either in my system or I need to get out of my.

Whatever motivates me, at the moment, I am gravitating towards bright colours in my journal pages. 

Now this is just a fun page. A doodle. I just scribbled a pencil over the page and filled in the shapes with my paint pens. It's rough & ready. No computerised perfection here. All wonky lines and mucking about. Very liberating. 

If I'm still making pages like this in the Spring, I'll know it's not a phase.

Art Journal: Life Is Hard...Make Art

A wonderful quote from Dr Pizza. Don't know who the flamin' I'm on about? He's the truly brilliant artist behind the Creative Pep Talk podcast. Yes his real name is Andy Miller, but he's also know as Dr Pizza & Andy J Pizza. The credit above is correct :) The latest episode  116 - Unlock Your True Potential, contains not only this quote but a heap of others I could have also used.

I've been sharing my WIP for this page over on my Instagram account (link up in the top right corner there). So if you've been catching that, you'll know the page began by drawing and pro marker-ing the triangles. I painted a wash of acrylic ink in the remaining white space, then printed out, coloured in and cut out three digital stamp figures (like this image? news coming soon).

The quote was added along with the doodles, using Posca paint pens. And voila, a bright and colourful page. 

P xx

Art Journal - Mission Inspiration Jan 2017

A new year, means the start of a new Mission Inspiration. What's one of those? It's one of these...

The idea is to use the above eight suggestions for how to construct your page with extra inspiration coming from a suggested colour scheme and a smattering of journal prompts.

And even if you look closely, you won't be able to see that I carried out the first two steps. The paint and gesso all but rendered them invisible. There is hidden journaling, which I wrote on the back on the focal character's head before sticking it down. And naturally, you can't see that either.

Oh and don't look too closely at the border. It's fair to say that, for allowing so much wonkiness, I'll never be hired as an architect. I just stuck the strips down randomly, not checking the overall visual effect. 

If you'd like to join in and create your own page, you'll find the group over on Facebook here.