Art Journal Page: What is a B.I.T.C.H?

If you find that you are a person who is Being In Total Control of Him(her)self, then you are a bitch. Well according to Latrice Royale on Ru Paul's Drag Race.

I love a good (& bad) acronym. Drag (Dress Representing a Girl), Gay (Good as you), Naff (Normal as F*@$). As so does Ru Paul. Yes, I'm a fan of his charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent. You get the idea.

And I absolutely fell for Latrice Royale when she was on Drag Race. Boy can she turn a phrase, that one and end it with the warmest, deepest laugh ever heard on this messed up planet. And she educated the world as to what a Bitch is. Gay culture does that so well. Takes a negative, turns it into a positive. It's our armour, our shield.

The page? Well its a wash of blue acrylic ink applied with a sponge brush. Then a border, cut out from more paper which was coloured in inks. The critter is a Doodle Monster from my #The100DayChallenge. So useful to have a batch of doodles to print out and play with. I coloured him in with watercolours and pencils. The journaling and doodles were all done with paint pens.

Can't believe my journal is nearly full. Only a few pages left. I love flicking through it. All that bold, bright colour. Makes me so happy. I'll have to decide soon whether I want to decorate the outside of my journal. Or leave it as is. Well, I don't have to decide quite yet :) I could delay working in the final pages haha

P x




Art Journal Page: I Dont Do The Beach

Yesterday, I posted a page I created, using a James Burke mermaid tute. Well, I decided the right hand side needed one too.

In contrast to the cold colours on the opposing page, this time I went for warmer ones. Maybe subconsciously this was influenced partially by the fact that it was grey, wet and cold outside here in the north of the UK. At least in my art, I could warm things up.

So I grabbed my orange and red acrylic paints and sloshed them around the page to create a background. I pencilled in my mermaid and used an opaque blue to paint within the shape. I took my trusty Posca pen, the Lime Green, and painted my mermaid base. With other paint pens, I added detail and the journaling. Finally, I added a rash of dashes with a broad tipped  red paint pen.

The border was added with a couple of brushes of yellow paint and a rough squiggle with a Dylusions paint pen.

Phew, that's mermaids out of my system for now I think! But who knows. The urge may strike again one day.

P x

Art Journal Page: Take The Plunge - a Mermaid Tute

I'm an avid fan and follower of a certain Mr James Burke. And amongst his many and varied talents, he has a penchant for drawing mermaids. So passionate is he for his water maidens, that he generously shared a youtube tutorial on how to sketch & paint them. I highly recommend you go and bookmark the video right this very instant! Go on! Of you you go.

Think you can't draw? Apparently neither can his husband, who draws along with James to prove how freakin easy it is. Think the above Mermaid is a bit too grotesque for your tastes? Don't worry. That's just my take on it. James shows you how to draw catwalk-worthy mermaids. 

Anyway, I've had this on my list of to dos for an age and finally got around to following James's instructions on one of my pages. I of course didn't want to copy his style out and out. My pen just wouldn't do it. I just had to try it in my own style. 

So with a background created with chalk paints from Paperartsy, I drew my mermaid first in pencil before attacking the page with my Posca markers.

I don't think this is the last mermaid i'll be drawing either. I have an idea in my head and it may well find itself plonked opposite this page on the right hand side of my journal. Well Easater is looking wet and miserable. Perfect for spending time in my journal.

P x

Art Journal Page: How's Your Head?

The other day I posted the left hand side of my art journal. I'd created a single page instead of a double. Well, on the right hand side, is this page.

It began as a couple of thick coats of Dylusions paint for the background. Then I scanned in one of my Doodle Monsters (sidebar: I'm joining in with #The100DayProject and my particular idea is to doodle a little monster every day for, guess what, 100 days - you can see them on my instagram account, click on the top right button to take you there).

Anyways, I printed it out and sloshed blue and green watercolour paints on it. When dry, I adhered it to my page. I doodled the border and added journaling, all with Posca paint pens. 

The quote is from Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. And if you are an Elvira fan, have seen the film, or watched Ru Paul's Drag Race, you will of course know the answer. No one has ever troubled me about my being cryptic here. In fact, I've had no complaints ;)

I'm loving the single page spreads now though. I don't know what will fill my next pages but I'm tempted to try more.

P x


Art Journal Page: Capture An Idea

For a change, I made a single page spread in my art journal. Normally as you know, I cover a whole double spread. It wasn't planned that way but I have to say I rather enjoyed having to keep my design within a portrait format.

Actually this page came about by covering a rubbish page. Or rather, I had a problem with one of the pens I was using, flooding ink all over the place, so I gave up and covered the whole design in a couple of thick coats of red paint to completely obliterate it.

The annoyance of what I was covering up still lingered To overcome this, I instantly drew a doodle border with a white paint paint pen, and it worked. My frustration dissipated and it felt like working on a fresh new page. I pencilled my sausage character outline and with a paint brush, added a coat of opaque chalk paint. When dry, I added a translucent chalk paint over the top. The rest was all added with my Posca paint pens. 

The quote I heard in a podcast I was listening to at the time I was making this page. I don't create in silence and music is too distracting. Podcasts on the other hand, put me in my the perfect zen state.

P x

Art Journal Page: Buck The Trend

Yes, okay, I know, I know. The page above does not read "Buck The Trend". Thing is, I'm not sure what is acceptable across social media. So I've digitally plonked a little sticker over the disgracefully foul language :D

I'm just playing around with styles and ideas in my art journal again. I thought I'd try a Graphic style, not overly fussy. I was tempted to doodle over the white space but restrained myself. I wanted to see if I liked this page and saw it as finished just as it is. 

I'll try another page and up the space-fillers and see if I prefer it. So hard to differentiate between what I truly like and what I think everyone else will like. I do tend to find my decision over whether a page is "good" or not is coloured by whether I think other people will deem it so. Which isn't the way to make better art.

I'm hugely influenced artistically, by Street Artists and it's not always how the art is produced, it's the voice behind it. The irreverence. The humour. And yes, it's the bright colours . But mostly it's the thought behind it. I love the minimalistic characters and the graffiti words but I'm not sure I'm translating it to the page authentically enough. 

Or maybe I am and I just don't see it yet. The secret, I'm aware, is to create more pages and play it out again and again and again. Get it all out of my head and onto the page. So here I go, taking a deep breath, and opening my book to the next blank page :)

P x



ArtJournal Page: Underdog Stories

I haven't posted any pages recently and with good reason. The last few I've made were too cringe worthy to share. Understandably so, as I was experimenting with a different style and new techniques. And let's say, when trying something different, it doesn't always go the way one plans in one's own head. So I've not stopped filling my journal, just had a pause in sharing them.

However, I took a deep breath, asked myself why they weren't working and how could I improve. And then I thought, sod it, why don't I just make a fun page just for me and enjoy the process. See what happens. And the result is above.

It's not perfect, in my eyes, but I can already tell I love it's daft quirkiness. I was going to add more doodles but I know I'm prone to adding marks to the point I ruin it. Next page, I told myself, can have as many doodles as I wish. This one, keep simple.

And I'm happy with it. Love the colour. Love the white space. Love that it's all hand drawn. Nothing was stuck in. It's a good base to start from. 

P xx


Art Journal Page: Growl

There came a point in the making of this page where, had it not been in an actual book, it would have been screwed up and tossed in the bin.

See that orange background? Well it has been created with at least twenty layers of various art materials. It looked fabulous at layer three but then I carried on and thats when it started to look blecchh. So I tried to correct it and every turn I took, every added layer of paint or stencilling, just made it worse. 

I finally grabbed my trusted Acrylic Inks and sponged over a couple of coats of orange and just left it overnight. I came back to it the following morning and still pulled a face when gazed down. But at least it was a gorgeous vibrant colour. I could at least work with that.

And by the time I'd added the border (spritzed copy paper with turquoise spray ink, stamped on top in black with a Seth Apter stamp, then cut out and glued to page) I was finally seeing its potential.

I printed out a digital stamp from my Etsy store, Luka (shameless plug), coloured it in, cut out and attached. I then added the wording using Posca paint pens. I was tempted to add more doodling but left alone. I actually took a step back and thought, nope, I like it as it is. Know when to stop for once in your life Paul haha.

And there you have it. I'm finally happy with a page which began as, in my opinion, a hot mess!

P xx