An Art Journal Page: Other People, A Trip to see Grayson plus Art in Chester


Hello my lovelies!!!!!

It's been a while I know! Much longer than I imagined it would be. We've been rethinking the space in our home and one of the changes was to set up my art studio in another room. I thought it might take a couple of weeks AT THE MOST. Turns out, it took almost exactly six. I cannot tell you how hard it was not being able to create much during that time. 


However, I'm now fully set up and installed in my new corner. And the above page in my journal is the first bit of creativity made in it. It's not fully there yet. The room, not the page. I'm sure I'll be tweaking and rearranging until it's just right. Or as near as possible I can make it. 


Just before I chat about my page, I've been on a couple of artist's dates this weekend. The first one was to Chester Cathedral for their Ark Exhibition of Modern Sculpture. It's on until 15th October 2017, which is two weeks away at time of writing this post. If you're local and interested in modern art, go check it out. Just under 100 pieces and entry is free. If that doesn't tempt you, head to the restaurant for carrot cake, tea and a tuna melt. Your tastebuds will thank you even if your waistline doesn't :D


I'm fully aware that there's a wee bit of smugness about me when it comes to my second artistic treat. It was to see Grayson Perry (as Clare) giving a talk at my second home, Chatsworth. Just under 400 seats/tickets were available and when it sold out, there were 2000 people on the waiting list. And I had two of them!!!! So smug mode on.

He didn't disappoint either. Funny, intelligent, thought-provoking, and sharp. He was a joy to listen to. My head was spinning with so many new ideas about the world of art and the different perspective I was feeling. 


With all that I had soaked in over the weekend I sat and worked on making this page. It started life as a red/orange/yellow Distress Oxide mix. I then slapped a a large stencil over the whole spread and sponged a darker orange ink over the top. 

I grabbed some Paperartsy Fresco paints and on separate papers, created a green background and a blue. When dry, I stamped the circles with black Archival ink, using Carabelle Studios "Et Ronds et Ronds" stamp set. I cut them out, put some tranquil sounds on in the background, then moved the pieces around the page until I had placed them in a way which pleased me. Once adhered in place, I used a paint pen to connect all the circles. The shapes created by this process called out to be doodled. 

I added a border then rather foolishly decided I waned to paint between the central shape and the border. So with a fine pointed brush, a steady hand and an opaque chalk paint by Paperartsy, I blocked out with purple. 

With Grayson's talk (and his new book "Playing to the Gallery" which I've started), resounding in my ears, I added a few words about style and what I like. It's an over simplification on the issue of how, when I see something, especially in visual art, and say to myself "I like that", there's a whole lot of other people in my background of experience, who have manipulated my tastes. Do I like it, or have my tastes been directed towards liking it? I's a fascinating subject which I want to delve more into.

That and much more but my brain will go into meltdown and I've already prattled on long enough.

More pages await me to add to and hopefully, my video camera set up will allow a few of them to filmed.

Have a great week my sweets

P xx


ITAC 2017 - The International Tournament of Art & Craft

Exciting news my lovelies!

The ITAC 2017 from All & Create is finally here. Behind the scenes, a team of international artists, including myself, have been keeping a little secret. And now all can be revealed. The tournament is now officially open! AND it's open to EVERYONE. There's no need to sign up anywhere. Just join in and have fun!

All the details in full can be found here.

Over five weeks, there will be five teams, each representing a different continent of the world, with their own theme, complete with tips, tutorials and masterclasses. I'm not going to get myself into hot water by telling you which one I'm in haha but I loved it, it's perfect for those who like to add doodling to their work.

And if all that isn't exciting enough :) There's PRIZES, bonuses and DT scouts. Now that should have your mouth watering.

What better way to spend the summer than creating along with us? If you didn't click the link above and now you're tempted, I'll pop it on one more time. Go HERE and learn all the fabulous details.

P xx

Art Journal Page: Which Way Now + Video

I'm back with another page and video. thank you to everyone for the positive feedback and wonderful comments for my last posting. Big shout out to my friend Brian who gave me incredible feedback. He was constructively honest and gave me pointers and tips to look out for. 

So this page. It's the right hand side of the journal you saw in my previous post. And yes, there's a video to go with it too. Just click below to see.



As promised, here's the list of products I used:

DecoArt Americana paints: Calypso Blue & Sea Breeze

Staz On Ink: Blue Hawaii

Stamp: Carabelle Studios, Effervescence

Watercolour: Prima, The Classics

Digi Stamp: Paul Browning (quick plug, you can find it in my Etsy store, see the menu above)

Posca Pens PC5M: Pink & Apple Green

Posca Pens PC 3M: Grey, Blue & Slate Grey

Molotow Pen: 1.5mm black & 2mm white

Faber Castell Pencils


Thanks for watching. See you next time!

Paul xx

Art Journal Doodle Page (with Video)

A bit of an experimental spread this one. I spritzed the pages with a light film of water then dropped watercolour inks (Ecoline)  onto the damp paper before leaving to one side to air dry. And that is as far as I went, for weeks. I started other pages and kept looking at the unfinished layouts.

So I set up my video camera, opened up my book and set to the task of filling the pages with doodles and marks. I tried a different angle on my camera too. I hadn't realised that the strange claw-like way I hold a pencil (I blame my school days and the teachers who ignored the left handers - I am not an elegant pencil clutcher), means that you can't see the marks I make with an overhead view. I angled my camera more at 45 degrees, so we'll see if this is a better way to film.

There's not a whole lot of technique to comment on. I just took a batch of black pens, mostly paint pens, and drew whatever came to mind. I even left some spaces without doodles either. Mainly the blue shapes. It's abstract and everyone will see  and feel differently about this spread but I sense something of the ocean. I imagine there's seaweed and rock pools here. Or a coral reef. And the blue spaces represent the seawater, so I kept them blank.

If you want to see a speeded up process, please click below to see the video...

Until next time...

Paul xx

"Drains" Art Journal Page + Video (with Commentary)

Hello Dear Friends

I've just finished a quick little art journal page where I experimented with some new Ranger Distress Oxide inks. Have you tried them? My goodness, they are worth it for the blending alone. So darn easy! In fact, I've just treated myself to a few more. I initially bought three just to try them out but now I want a more varied selection, so that I have different blended colour schemes to opt for.

Anyway, that's not all I did. I decided to video myself putting the page together. Yes, I know, I've already done a few of those already. I can tick that off my list. But this time, I've gone out of my comfort zone again and added commentary! Not only that, for the first time ever, I've recorded a face to camera introduction too. Okay, if I was a millennial, you'd say so what! Arent we all doing that? 

But I'm no millennial. I was born nearly half a century ago! Phones came plugged into walls, cameras came with film and you waited a week to pick photos up from a chemist. 

So grab a cuppa, it's only 10 minutes long, (plenty of time to dunk a biccie or two) and see how this page came together (warning, high camp and fans are involved, for those of a nervous disposition)

Thanks again for joining me here

Hopefully see you again soon

Paul xx

Art Journal Page: Just A Guy

This page has been sat on my desk, staring at me for a few weeks now. Not sure why, but it seemed to take long stretches of time before I'd return to it and add more detail. I could say it's because i had other projects on but her, when don't I have that as a standby excuse. Anyway, I'm glad it's finished and that I can move onto a fresh page.

Other than the washi tape border, this whole page has been created from acrylic inks and paint pens. I figured I could just draw some squiggly lines and go with the flow, doodling between the lines. Little realising I'd become stuck. However, once I started, there was no stopping me. It's just the pauses in between those frantic sessions.

The journaling is a new tagline I'm toying with. I've been writing down random ideas whenever they've occurred to me and this is the one I like today. I can't promise I won't think of another come tomorrow and change it all over again.

Have a great weekend my darlings

Paul x

Art Journal Pages using Eco Line Inks

I recently treated myself to a set of Ecoline Inks. As you may already know, I'm totally in love with using acrylic ink washes in my journal pages. So I was intrigued to see how well a watercolour ink would work. I was particularly drawn to the vibrant colour they gave.

So I opened up a journal and set about playing with these inks and producing two different pages. The one above came about by drawing three circles in pencil, doodling inside and then adding the inks with a paintbrush. I added darker colours with colour pencils and added black with a Posca paint pen. 

I trimmed these out and glued to a page I had previously given a wash of purple watercolour ink too. I added the journaling with my black Posca as well as detail around the border. And I have to say I'm pretty impressed with the gorgeous bold colour which resulted. Pages like this, make me happy. 

For the second page, I had another idea. on a separate piece of paper, using a wide paintbrush, I added thick lines of ink, in a rainbow sequence. I took a card mask I'd made and drew around in pencil. 

Then, using the black ink, I wanted to see if it would cover the other colours. Which, as you can see, it has. Okay, a second wash might have covered the blue up even more. I drew around my figure with a black Posca pen and added a doodled border.

For the journaling, I used a white Posca pen.

I trimmed the page and stuck it into my journal, bore using a purple Posca pen around the edge.

Don't you just love playing with new art materials and seeing how well there (or not). There's plenty of ink still in the bottles too, so it looks like a little goes a long way. I can happily add to many future pages.

P xx

Just Sit - A Zine

If you think it's been a while since I last posted, you'd be right. First of all, I had a week's holiday at home. Yes, who'd have ever thought I'd have a Staycation? It almost felt like a real holiday too! Certainly if you judge by the amount of cake and ice cream I ate. Holiday or not, I now need to lose the added weight I gained!

And the other reason I haven't posted is because I made a zine. Unlike art journal pages, this took a lot more time to make. It's basically making eight ATCs, but on one sheet of card. Yes, this little booklet is made from one sheet of white A4 card.


I've seen this mini book idea many times before and have indeed made a few in my time. However, as time has passed, I had completely forgotten about this idea until the tainted Mr Burke shared a recent video with his take on it.

Well, I was renewed with enthusiasm to go and make a zine. Plus I had in my hands a batch of gorgeous stamps from Aall & Create, just sitting on my desk, calling to me. So I resolved to rip open the packaging and dirty these stamps up with ink.


I started out by painting a square block of colour in each page with acrylic inks, in rainbow order. I then looked at the stamp designs, came up with ideas and basically went with the flow. As long as it was colourful, bold and allowed for lots of doodling, anything was game.


And whilst it may take other artists/crafters a mere few hours to knock one of these fellas off, I found that each page took me roughly a couple of hours each day, meaning this took me over a week to complete. Much longer than a normal art journal project. Hence the radio silence on here. Too busy playing and being messy.

If you'd like a list of the stamps I used, here goes...

Set No. 2

Set No. 3

Set No. 4

Set No. 10

I feel the addiction to making these zines is going to take hold. I already have a head swimming with ideas for future booklets. They can be an ideal way to test out new ideas and themes. 

Until next time

P xx